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Station:  JNBSA01 - Johannesburg, South Africa  (1013)

Rent a BMW F650GS BMW G650GS
3-6 days: R970/day
7+ days: R880/day

- Pretoria
- 40 km (25 miles) from Johannesburg

Business Hours
- Monday to Friday: 08:00-17:00 hrs

- Taxes
- 24-hour rental periods
- Mileage: unlimited
- Comprehensive insurance
- 24-hr back-up support

Not Included
- GPS: R200/day
- Gear:
    Helmets: R65/day
    Gloves: R35/day
    Jacket: R110/day
- Luggage:
    Top box: R50/day
    Side cases R90/day
    Tank bags: R60/day

- 3-day minimum rental
- US$35 reservation fee/bike
- Security deposit R7,000 held on your credit card
- International motorcycle license required
- Age minimum: 25 years
- Riding experience: 5 years of licensed experience

- Reserve a bike using our online reservation form
- Deposit: 60% down, balance due 45 days in advance once bike is confirmed

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Rent a BMW F800GS BMW F800 GS
3-7 days: R1320/day
7+ days: R1190/day
Rent a BMW R1200GS BMW R 1200 GS
3-7 days: R1450/day
7+ days: R1310/day
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Station:  JNBMO01 - Pretoria, South Africa  (1014) Reduced rates available for 2014


- High: September - April
- Low: May - August (please inquire)

- Centurion (Pretoria)
- 45 minutes from Johannesburg International Airport
- Airport Shuttle: please inquire for rates
- Delivery available: R500 within 50 kms/bike

Business Hours
- Monday-Friday: 8:00-17:00 hrs, by appointment
- After hours fee: R300

- Mileage: 300 km/day (unlimited for 7+ days)
- 24-hour rental periods
- Comprehensive & liability insurance

Not Included
- Additional mileage: R3.55/km
- Luggage and Helmets: see rates at the bottom of the page
- Increased security deposit for border crossing (see below)
- Increased deductible during rallies
- One ways available: see below

- 3-day minimum
- US$35 reservation fee/bike
- Security deposit: see individual bikes;
- Motorcycle license and passport
- Age minimum: 25 years (please inquire for younger riders)
- Riding experience: 5 licensed years, if under 30 years

- Reserve a bike using our online reservation form
- Deposit: US$150 + 10%/bike; balance due 30 days in advance

Request a quote   Reserve a rental motorcycle
Rent a BMW F650GS BMW F700GS
3 days: R1600/day
4-6 days: R1400/day
7+ days: R1250/day
Security deposit: R12,500
Rent a BMW F800GS BMW F800GS
3 days: R1700/day
4-6 days: R1500/day
7+ days: R1350/day
Security deposit: R15,000
Rent a BMW F800GS BMW F800GS Adventure
3 days: R1800/day
4-6 days: R1600/day
7+ days: R1450/day
Security deposit: R15,000
Rent a BMW G650GS Sertao BMW G650GS Sertao
3 days: R1500/day
4-6 days: R1300/day
7+ days: R990/day
Security deposit: R12,500

No passengers
Rent a BMW K1200GT BMW K1200GT
3 days: R2650/day
4-6 days: R2450/day
7+ days: R2250/day
Security deposit: R25,000
Rent a BMW K1600GTL BMW K1600GTL
3 days: R2750/day
4-6 days: R2550/day
7+ days: R2390/day
Security deposit: R25,000
Rent a BMW R1200GS BMW R1200GS LC
3 days: R2200/day
4-6 days: R2000/day
7+ days: R1790/day
Security deposit: R17,500
Rent a BMW R1200GS Adventure BMW R1200GS Adventure
3 days: R2590/day
4-6 days: R2290/day
7+ days: R1990/day
Security deposit: R20,000
Rent a BMW R1200RT BMW R1200R
3 days: R1850/day
4-6 days: R1650/day
7+ days: R1500/day
Security deposit: R15,000
Rent a BMW R1200RT BMW R1200RT
3 days: R2550/day
4-6 days: R2250/day
7+ days: R1950/day
Security deposit: R20,000

Garmin Zumo 500 GPS with SA Maps: R150/day, deposit R4000
Helmets (BMW): R150/day, deposit R3500
Helmets (not BMW): R100/day, deposit R1500
Jacket & Gloves: R200/day + cleaning fee R250, deposit R2500
Panniers (BMW650GS, 1200GS): R125/day, deposit R5500
Aluminum Panniers (BMW800GS/Adv): R175/day, deposit R10,000
Adventure Cases: R175/day, deposit R10,000
Aluminum Top Box: R125/day, deposit R5,000
Top Boxes: R75/day, deposit R3500
Tank Bags: R50/day, deposit R2500
Luggage Trailer: R250/day, deposit R4,000
Crew Bus: please inquire

Panniers and accessories cannot be insured.

You are responsible for damages

Cape Town - Johannesburg: R2995
Durban - Johannesburg: R2495
Cape Town - Eastern Cape: R2495
Johannesburg - Eastern Cape: R2745
Cape Town/Johannesburg Windhoek: R4950
+ 1 day rental charge for all listed


Prior approval must be obtained before leaving RSA borders
Entry to Swaziland/Lesotho: R350 + double Security Deposit
Entry to Botswana/Namibia/Zimbabwe: R350 + double Security Deposit
Entry to Mozambique: R350 + double Security Deposit
(special arrangement only)