The AdMo-Tours motorcycle rental service in Moscow, Russia, is available 
for any rider 23 with a full international motorcycle driver's license (see more requirements below).

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ALL prices and models are subject to change. Availability is limited.

Station:  SVOEN01 - Moscow, Russia  (1113)

Rent a BMW F650GS BMW F650 GS
3-4 day: 110€/day
5-6 days: 100€/day
7-13 days: 90€/day
14+ days: 85€/day

- Moscow, Russia
- 40 kms from Sheremetyevo
- 35 from Vnukovo
- 40 from Domodedovo
- Bikes delivered anywhere in Moscow: free

Business Hours
- By appointment
- Season ends in October

- Taxes, side and top cases
- Third party liability, partial insurance against damage or theft
- 300 km/day

Not Included
- Extra kms: 0.20€/km
- Helmets 10€/day
- Paper work for taking bikes out of Russia 100€/bike
- US$40 + 5% if we pay balance by bank transfer fee for you

- 3 day minimum rental
- US$35 booking fee per bike
- Damage deposit: 2000€ on credit card can be lowered ask
- Must be 23 years or older, with Motorcycle license A
- International motorcycle driver's license required
- Foreign citizens required to present passport
   and an entrance visa or migrant card
- Must have a minimum of 2 years riding experience

- Reserve a bike using our online booking form
- 20% on your credit card to AdMo
- Balance due by bank transfer in advance of pick-up or cash

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Rent a BMW R1200GS BMW R1200 GS
3-4 days: 150€/day
5-6 days: 130€/day
7-13 days: 120€/day
14+ days: 100€/day