How to Rent

  1. Make sure you understand the general rules and conditions before you book a rental. 

  2. In order to receive information and accurate pricing of your motorcycle rental please send us an inquiry form with your preferred destination, the bike you would like to rent and your date of travel. Please indicate the desired pick-up and drop-off times for the vehicle.

  3. Any inquiry will receive a reply from AdMo-Tours within 48-72 business hours (international inquiries vary depending on the rental station and time differences).
    Once you are certain about the destination, the bike model, and the rental duration, please fill out our booking form.

  4. The booking becomes valid with an email or fax confirmation from AdMo-Tours. You are authorizing AdMo-Tours to retrieve 10% to 100% of the total cost depending on the rental station once we confirm the motorcycle, to be paid by credit card. We will not charge any credit card if we can not guarantee availability at your requested destination! Your personal information will be  confidential and will never be shared, sold or used for any other purpose.

  5. The booking can only be considered confirmed after AdMo-Tours has sent you an invoice via email, fax or regular mail. AdMo-Tours will process the down payment only after you have received the confirmation email. Final balance due has to be paid before or at rental motorcycle pick-up, depending on the rental station. This information will be stated on your invoice. 

  6. If the final payment is not received, AdMo-Tours has the right to treat this reservation as canceled and you will lose your entire down payment. 

  7. For overseas destinations, we recommend that you arrive a day prior to the motorcycle take-over to be safely relaxed and recovered from jetlag. 
    Please consider that many shops and rental stations are closed on Sundays and operate only half days on Saturdays. 

  8. Call the rental station a day prior to your pick-up to confirm your arrival time! We will provide you with the phone number and address with the invoice of your rental. 

    PLEASE contact the rental station (preferably in person) a minimum of 24 hours before you intend to pick up your motorcycle, so that they can process your security bond payment (if you are paying by credit card).

    In most cases, banks decline large amounts such as $1500 and above (like our security bonds) as a simple security measure when you are outside your country of origin. Usually, this problem can be rectified by a phone call to your bank to verify that you are the person making the transaction.

    Even if you often use your card for large transactions in other countries, or if you have a large credit limit, in most cases it will still be initially declined.

    It is not enough to simply notify your bank before you travel - in most cases this has no effect.

    As many overseas banks are closed when we are open, this can cause major delays in picking up the motorcycle. If this transaction is left to the day of pick up, it sometimes means that the motorcycle cannot be picked up until the bank opens the following day. Even worse, if it is the weekend, some international banks cannot be contacted until the following Monday.

    This can cause unnecessary stress for both parties and can be avoided most of the time by contacting us and processing the payment prior to picking up the motorcycle.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to read this very important information.

    AdMo-Tours arranges motorcycle rentals worldwide. Our partners are carefully selected professional motorcycle rental station or motorcycle dealers. We strive to have the most complete listing of rental bikes available! 

    Often a lighter bike is more comfortable!  Select a bike that fits your size, riding skill and the destination.